13 Outfit Ideas That Epitomize Parisian Style

Parisian women have effortless style down to an art form. While trends come and go, Parisiennes manages to stay eternally-chic by sticking to timeless staples and adding that distinctive je ne sais quoi. Want to channel Parisian fashion flair? Read on for 13 key outfit formulas guaranteed to make you feel tres chic!

1. The Classic Breton Striped Top

Nothing epitomizes French seaside style more than the iconic Breton top. Originally worn by French navy sailors from Brittany, these nautical stripe tees have graced icons like Picasso, Audrey Hepburn, and Brigitte Bardot.

For easy Parisian polish, pair your Breton stripe tee with cropped jeans, ballet flats, and a classic trench or leather moto jacket on top. Voila – instant effortless allure!

13 Outfit Ideas That Epitomize Parisian Style

Style It Forward

Give your French sailor stripes a modern edge by tucking an oversized tee into a sleek pencil skirt with strappy heels. Contrast the casual tee with more formal pieces for that fashionable juxtaposition Parisiennes love.

2. Feminine Floral Dress

What’s more Parisian than flouncing through the City of Light in a figure-flattering floral frock? Go for a wrap style showing just a peek of skin, crafted from soft jersey or silk.

Keep accessories minimal – perhaps a skinny belt if needed, a dainty layered necklace, and your favorite ballet flats or kitten heels. Finish with a quintessential quilted Chanel bag for a deliciously French take on femininity. Très magnifique!

Play With Proportions

Balance the sweetness of a floral dress by layering an oversized moto jacket or boyfriend blazer on top. This perfectly contrasts feminine and masculine elements in that effortless way French girls excel at.

13 Outfit Ideas That Epitomize Parisian Style

3. Chic in Chambray

Few fabrics feel more classically Parisian than lightweight chambray cotton. Often in varying shades of blue, the subtle texture and washed finish epitomizes relaxé élégance.

For easy French style points, pair chambray anything with crisp white. White button-down shirt with chambray dress or skirt, chambray shorts and white tee – match this duo up however you please. Garner extra Gallic charm by knotting said white top loosely off-the-shoulder. Très parfait!

Elevate with Accessories

Punch up casual chambray pieces with polished extras that contrast the fabric’s workwear origins. Statement earrings, platform espadrilles, an oversized sunhat and leather carryall infuse Parisian spirit.

4. Power Clashes

Parisiennes aren’t afraid to be bold with prints, pairings and colors. Hone their fearless knack for power clashing separate pieces into chic modern outfits.

Make mismatched magic by pairing polka dots with stripes, modern neons with vintage florals, or your favorite oversized graphic tee with sleek leather skinnies for that model-off-duty appeal. Ground audacious color and pattern mixes with minimal accessories to let your clashing shine.

Accessorize Accordingly

When rocking head-to-toe patterns and colors, edit down jewelry and bags so outfits don’t veer towards visual overload. Stick to one statement color metal, skinny belts if needed, and simple crossbody or clutch bags to keep clashing pieces the main focus.

5. The Off-Duty Model Look

Paris’ status as fashion’s glittering capital means models are everywhere, even dashing out for café au laits in effortlessly cool weekend wear.

Channel the Parisian model look with relaxed-yet-edgy pieces like a tissue-weight graphic tee, destroyed denim shorts and luxe leather jacket layered over an airy button down, finished with strappy flat sandals. Garner extra off-duty appeal by topping any outfit with oversized sunglasses and a logo baseball hat. Tousled bedhead encouraged!

13 Outfit Ideas That Epitomize Parisian Style

Play with Proportions

Further the high-low appeal of off-duty model garb by playing with silhouettes. Try an extra voluminous blouse half-tucked into skintight distressed jeans, or balance an oversized sweatshirt with abbreviated shorts and tall boots. Exude that just-threw-it-on insouciance.

6. All About Accessories

While Parisiennes favor streamlined outfits, accessories rule for injecting personality. Statement bags, piles of bangles, scarves nonchalantly knotted on handlebars, retro sunnies perched atop messy locks – the French let their accessories shine.

When even basic outfits like Breton stripe tees and cigar jeans look captivating among Parisiennes, it’s thanks to stylish add-ons doing the heavy lifting. Build entire looks around standout extras like embroidered ballet flats, an architectural panama hat, or quilted Chanel bag as the outfit centerpiece. Accessorize first, keep the rest simple.

Edit Down Jewelry

Resist overloading looks with too many jewelry layers. Let one exquisite accessory shine such as dramatic chandelier earrings, an ornate antique necklace or stack of sculptural cuffs. Thoughtfully curate versus throwing everything on at once.

7. The Iconic Trench Coat

No item exudes Parisian essence more than an impeccably cut, belted trench coat. Though invented as a practical military garment, the trench coat grew iconic as civilians like Audrey Hepburn elegantly layered them over dresses.

For casual flair, contrast the double-breasted trench with relaxed separates like chambray button-downs plus cuffed jeans or bike shorts. Take a styling tip from locals and add a silken scarf at the neck for a polished finish. Voila – instant Parisian chic!

Modern Styling Ideas

Freshen up the classic trench by playing with proportions and pairings. Try mini trenches cut just above the knee over dresses and thigh boots. Or amplify dimensions by belting an oversized trench atop a slim slip dress with strappy heels.

8. Menswear Details

Androgyny permeates Parisian style, from Coco Chanel donning menswear pieces to Jane Birkin rocking boyfriend jeans flawlessly. Put a French twist on men’s wear elements by incorporating tailored blazers, crisp button downs, relaxed trousers and other traditionally masculine garb into feminine looks.

For borrowed-from-the-boys appeal, contrast an airy floral midi dress with rugged leather oxfords. Or pair high-waisted jeans with an oversized Oxford shirt, menswear vest and cropped hair barrette. Effortlessly tomboy chic!

Playful Proportions

Dabble in intentionally ill-fitting menswear pieces for maximum French insouciance. Try an expertly fitted blazer with extra wide-legged pants, or an uber cropped sweater vest atop an abbreviated schoolgirl skirt. Have fun juxtaposing masculine shapes on feminine frames!

9. Minimalist Knits

As the birthplace of pioneers like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, excellent tailoring and fabrication permeate French fashion. Parisians let quality materials shine by keeping silhouettes minimal and details subtle.

Epitomize this by investing in expertly crafted knitwear from Breton stripe boatnecks to chunky fisherman sweaters. Style minimalist knit tops as neutrals – layer under jackets, peeking out under dresses or topping crisp menswear trousers. Well-made knits effortlessly polish any outfit with texture and just a whisper of skin revealed.

Monochrome Magic

Create tonal looks by matching stellar knit pieces with equally luxe bottoms in similar or exact shade matches. For example, pair dove grey cashmere tee with matching melange wool trousers, or amplify dimensions wearing identical tones like voluminous rollneck sweater atop lookalike midi skirt. Très magnifique!

10. Statement Coats

While Parisiennes believe basics should do the hard work, they’re not afraid of the occasional sartorial showstopper. Dial up everyday outfits effortlessly with French flair by rocking a statement outer layer.

An eye-catching coat easily dresses up casual separates in one strategic swoop. Bright candy hues, wild patterns, lush faux furs, sweeping maxi silhouettes, reimagined updates of vintage military styles – coat exteriors telegraph innate French whimsy even when layered atop simple tee and jeans.

Have Fun with Fashion

Don’t overthink it! Part of that carefree Parisian spirit is playing joyfully with pieces you adore. Pile on the patterns, punch up bland outfits in vibrant colors, whip dramatic cocoon coats round your shoulders at jaunty angles. Use statement coats to capture youthful joie de vivre.

11. Modernized Suiting

While Americans view business suits as all function no play, Parisian women incorporate tailored pieces into chic everyday outfits with ease. Blend the line between workwear and leisure by adding nipped blazers, crisp canvas trousers or flap pocket shorts into casual weekend outfits.

Contrast corporate connotations by styling tailored pieces fluidly with feminine ruffles, silken shells, strappy sandals andlatest sneaker drops. When mixed thoughtfully, suiting adds Parisian polish and never appears stuffy.

Play with Fabrications

Choose lighter suiting fabrics like tropical wools or linen blends to modernize the corporate association. Pair an open front linen blazer with cuffed shorts and tank, or rock trouser culottes tailored from breeze-wicking batiste. Warm weather suitings automatically equal effortless Parisian charm.

12. Mix High & Low

Blending bargain pieces with luxury labels and vintage scores defines that insouciant French fashion edge. Parisiennes fearlessly mix Zara skinnies with Chanel bags, fast fashion tanks under Dior tweed jackets, or designer heels with thrifted dresses.

Building outfits across high-low fashion spectrums creates visually captivating juxtaposition while exuding Parisian women’s knack for not trying too hard. Relish contrasting couture with closet staples rather than wearing head-to-toe logos. Savvy high-low mixing intimates innate personal style.

Style Secondhand First

Vintage and consignment scores offer the best blank canvases for creatively contrasting with posh pieces. Plus secondhand starts at lower price points. Layer heirloom leather jackets atop flowing Gunne Sax maxi dresses, or rock vintage tees underneath new designer blazers. Mix eras effortlessly.

13. It’s All in the Attitude

While certain staples scream Parisian chic, above all French women exude an intoxicating attitude. They dress first and foremost to please themselves versus chasing trends that don’t align with personal style. Parisiennes focus on feeling confident and comfortable above all.

So don’t overthink it! Stick to reliable classics you adore, sprinkle in beloved vintage treasures and occasional investment splurges, then dust everything liberally with that carefree je ne sais quoi only French women perfect. Wear pieces unapologetically that captivate your unique essence and let confidence shine as the ultimate accessory.


Parisiennes make even basics look impossibly chic thanks to their curations of beloved classics and special add-ons capturing distinctive personalities. By focusing less on fleeting trends and more on crafting looks radiating self-assurance from beloved pieces they adore, French style icons eternally capture effortless allure worth emulating endlessly.


What are the best shoes for channeling French style? Parisian women believe in quality over quantity when it comes to shoes. Invest in a few pairs of excellently crafted ballet flats, strappy sandals and ankle boots that effortlessly transcend seasons and never appear tired.

How much jewelry aligns with Parisian style ethos? Resist overloading looks with piles of jewelry that compete visually. Let one exquisite accessory shine as a statement piece instead while keeping other elements pared back.

What type of sunglasses flatter most face shapes? Oversize cat eye and wayfarer styles feel quintessentially Parisian while flattering most face shapes. Look for timeless silhouettes in either classic tortoiseshell colors or modern clear acetate frames.

How do French women style basics like Breton stripes novelly? They contrast preppy pieces with edgier elements like leather jackets, strappy heels or modern neon accents. Parisiennes also embrace playfully skewing proportions by knotting and tucking oversized tees in new ways.

What accessories telegraph Parisian spirit most effortlessly? Statement sunnies, silk scarf neckties, structured bags in neutral leathers, an abundance of metal bangles, and the iconic quilted 2.55 Chanel shoulder bag never fail to exude Parisian essence.

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