7 Best Healthy Late Night Snacks 2024 (Loss Weight Fast)

Yogurt & Fruit

Rich in calcium for better sleep. Avoid high sugar types. Add fruits & nuts for a nutritious snack.


Low-calorie, high-fiber late-night option. Ready in minutes. Spice it up for flavor.

Fresh Fruits & Nuts

No-cook snack packed with vitamins, minerals & healthy fats. Apple slices, bananas, and nuts make a tasty combo.


Weight-friendly meal with energy-boosting fiber. Mix with milk, syrup, cinnamon & dried fruits/nuts.

Banana & Almond Butter

Low-carb, filling snack for fat burning. Two bananas with almond butter satisfy hunger.


Versatile, protein-packed option. Boil or cook in minutes for a quick, satisfying snack.

Turkey Sandwich

Lean protein on whole grain bread with veggies. Quick & healthy, but allow time to digest before bed.