Lsu's Angel Reese And Iowa's Caitlin Clark Share A Sports Legend Award

By Scott

 LSU's Angel Reese and Iowa's Caitlin Clark, prominent figures in college women's basketball, were named the 2023 Sporting News Athletes of the Year.

The recognition followed a face-off in the NCAA national title game, with LSU's team, coached by Kim Mulkey, securing a victory of 102-85 in Dallas on April 2.

After the game, Reese playfully teased Clark with a memorable gesture, pointing to the spot where her championship ring would go and doing the "You can't see me" hand motion from wrestling legend John Cena.

The Sporting News, through a story by Mike DeCourcy, formally announced their selection as Athletes of the Year for 2023.

DeCourcy's story positioned Clark and Reese alongside sports icons like LeBron James, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Jackie Joyner-Kerse.

Since their championship showdown, both athletes have become household names, capturing the attention of sports fans, whether casual or dedicated.

The playful interaction between Reese and Clark added a memorable and light-hearted touch to the post-game narrative.

The victory under the coaching of Kim Mulkey played a crucial role in solidifying Reese and Clark's status as standout athletes.

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