NCAA volleyball player refuses to stay silent as trans athletes puts women's opportunities 'at risk

By Scott

 A college volleyball player, Macy Petty, expresses worry about the impact of biological males participating in women's sports, highlighting concerns about fairness and opportunities for female athletes.

Petty points out that coaches are driven by the need to win, and if there are no rules specifying female-only scholarships, they may recruit males with biological advantages.

The University of Washington reportedly faced backlash after awarding a women's volleyball scholarship to a 17-year-old transgender athlete, Tate Drageset.

Riley Gaines, another athlete, accuses Drageset of taking away opportunities for women in collegiate sports, emphasizing the need to protect female athletes' chances.

Petty raises concerns about the potential physical harm to female athletes when competing against transgender athletes with biological advantages.

Petty shares a personal experience of playing against a biological male, highlighting the risk to scholarships when faced with competition from males in women's sports.

 Macy Petty calls for the NCAA to clarify the rules, advocating for a clear stance that girls' sports should be exclusively for girls.

The lawsuit by Selina Soule gains attention, with the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit reinstating the case brought forward by Soule and three other female athletes.

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