Sleep Well with These Healthy Midnight Snacks

Cottage cheese, while considered a dull weight-loss staple, is a hidden gem for insomniacs and delectable.

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

Protein with fiber means the finest sleep of your life. Edamame (soybeans in their pods) are a great fast snack because they have both.


Eggs are a good midnight snack: Protein-rich and tryptophan-rich.


Cheese is surprisingly good for sleep. Due to its calcium content, it promotes sleep. Protein, tryptophan, and melatonin are also abundant.

Cheese and Crackers

Avocado Toast called the fruit “God’s butter.” Because it provides “a nice balance of healthy fats, more potassium than bananas and plenty of fiber to keep your digestion in check.

Avocado Toast

Fresh Vegetables are always good. The key is to make them appealing enough to consume.

Fresh Vegetables

Smoothies may be drunk at night and are as healthful as their ingredients. Mixing sour cherry juice, pistachios, and avocado will help you sleep better.