Zodiac Signs That Are the Least Compatible in Love & Friendship

Aries/Virgo: Aries confronts life head-on, seeking challenge, while Virgo craves order and avoids messiness in relationships.

Taurus/Libra: Taurus seeks stability at home, while Libra thrives on social interaction and relationship challenges.

Gemini/Scorpio: Gemini enjoys light-hearted connections, while Scorpio seeks deep emotional intimacy and thrives on drama.

Cancer/Sagittarius: Cancer seeks security in traditional family life, contrasting with Sagittarius' quest for freedom and adventure.

Leo/Capricorn: Leo craves love and attention, whereas Capricorn is pragmatic and reserved about emotions.

Virgo/Aquarius: Virgo seeks ideal love but may struggle with satisfaction, while Aquarius values independence in relationships.

Libra/Pisces: Libra seeks objectivity and social interaction, contrasting with Pisces' sensitivity and need for solitude.

Scorpio/Aries: Scorpio desires intimacy and control, while Aries prioritizes independence and can be careless with relationships.

Sagittarius/Taurus: Sagittarius embraces adventure, while Taurus prefers stability and dislikes obligations.

Capricorn/Gemini: Capricorn values commitment and follows a steady path, contrasting with Gemini's flirty, impulsive nature.

Aquarius/Cancer: Aquarius seeks edgy, nontraditional relationships, while Cancer craves emotional connection and tradition.

Pisces/Leo: Pisces is shy and sensitive, while Leo craves attention and thrives in the spotlight.